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In the life insurance division, Lincoln American National Insurance ranks among the top three life insurance companies in the US market with 89%, company rate efficiency of 88.9%, and customer service rate of 90.3%.

Use of websites and mobile applications 82%, followed by Allstate Insurance Company with 88.7%, price efficiency of 88.4%, customer service rating of 89.7%, use of websites and mobile applications 83.7%, followed by MetLife Insurance with 88%. Price efficiency 88.5% Score 88.5% Customer service 87.9% and usage of websites and mobile apps 85.2%.


Health insurance companies in America

Health insurance financing in the US has always been through private companies, and now here is the best insurance company in America:

  • United Health Group.
  • Etna Corporation.
  • ISO company.

Car insurance in America

There are two types of auto insurance in the United States:

Liability (one sided insurance):

This means partial insurance, i.e. car insurance for the injured person, which means that if you cause an accident and crash into someone else's car or hit a pedestrian, the compensation costs that you have to pay to the injured person will be on your account. On behalf of the organization that insures your shock car this type of insurance does not give you any compensation in this case.

Full coverage

This means comprehensive protection, and in this type you will be insured, as well as the person with whom the accident occurred (ie you and the victim) and here it is clear that the insurance price will be higher than the first type. 


When buying a new car, the second type will always cost with full insurance because it is the safest, safest and most expensive type.

Life insurance in America

Life insurance is a contract concluded between the owner of the insurance policy and the insurance company or insurance company, where the insurance company undertakes to pay a sum of money (benefit) upon the death of the insured in exchange for insurance premiums paid by the insured. The insured to the insurance company on a regular basis or in the form of a lump sum.

Depending on the type of insurance contract, your insurance may cover other conditions, such as terminal illness or serious illness, where the insurance company pays you a certain benefit. Life insurance covers other expenses, such as funeral expenses.

The document is an official document and its clauses specify the limits of accidents covered by insurance. Specific exceptions are often set out in the contract so that the insurance company waives its liability. Examples of such exceptions include allegations of suicide, fraud, war, riots, and public riots.

Modern life insurance is similar to the asset management industry where companies are diversifying their offering by adding retirement insurance such as annuities.