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How to Tell Someone You Have Cancer | by heidi


Our Conversation Coach Can Help

Being diagnosed with cancer is an overwhelming experience, so it’s normal to be bombarded with a multitude of emotions—sadness, fear, and anxiety—all at the same time. As you process your diagnosis and the emotions that go along with it, the thought of then deciding to share it with others can seem like simply too much.

Try to be at ease though. While sharing your diagnosis can be difficult and a bit messy, most people feel better after doing it. In addition, the care and support you will almost always receive in return will help carry you through your cancer journey. 

To give you the tools and guidance you need to effectively and smoothly share your diagnosis, our Conversation Coach will simulate a real chat—either with a loved one like a partner or best friend, or a different person like a less close friend or work colleague. At the end of the chat, you'll also find a downloadable vocabulary guide that will help you define cancer-related terms in simple ways, as well as tips for overcoming common conversation issues like unpleasant reactions, probing questions, and more.

Note: The themes and guidance in the conversation below can be helpful in sharing most kinds of cancer diagnoses.