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Some Home Effective Solutions to Help your Hair Grow Faster


Some Home Effective Solutions to Make your Hair Grow Faster and Stronger_ Just Try Them

The truth is that you'll find no shortcut that makes your hair grow faster,
Stronger, More healthy. there's a study says, your hair grows only half of an inch in one month. There are many factors that affect the growth of your hair and some of these are related to your genetics. The growth of your hair can be improved by preserve the health. It can be done with proper diet and care. However, there are many herbs that can make your hair grow faster and stronger. Here, you find the answer to the question asked by many people that How to make your hair grow faster?!

_Take Care of Your Diet

Growing your hair faster require a diet full of  vitamins, proteins and some vital minerals. Other components to add in your diet are iron, zinc, and magnesium. Choose foods that are rich in vitamin B complex as it an important component that makes your hair grow faster. You'll  find all these in foods like milk, yogurt, cabbage, eggs, spinach, fruits, oats, pulses, and grains etc. all these food items will nourish your scalp. Also, add some fresh juices in you diet such as beet juice, carrot, and orange juice etc. fish nut olive oil is very rich in omega 3. They are very important for the healthy growth of your hair.

_Keep yourself away from the stress

Stress always makes your hair weaker and it is the main reason of hair loss also. Doctors believe and always say that stress disturbs the normal cycle of the hair growth. So if you're making an effort to make your hair grow faster then keep yourself away from the stress. you can do that by medication and  taking a deep breath. You can also adopt some relaxation techniques to keep you calm and relaxing. Try taking enough sleep it will regulate yours hormones and your hair will grow faster.

_Give a Gentle Massage to your Scalp

Massage is very important to regulate the flow of blood in your scalp. It'll stimulate the follicles of your hair. Make a regular routine to deep condition your scalp with hot oil and with some good quality and effective hair mask. Try to apply warm oil to your scalp with the pores of your fingers. Rub the oil gently in circular motion for at least five to 10 minutes. After that, you can wash your hair with any shampoo that suits your hair type.

_Apply Egg Mask

Eggs can be more beneficial to make your hair grow faster as an egg is the complete source of protein, zinc, iron, and sulfur. Make sure to apply egg mask once in a month. To make it more beneficial beat an egg and add some drops of lavender oil in it. Apply it on the full length of your hair as well as on the scalp. Leave it on your hair for about 30 minutes and wash your head with a good shampoo.
Hope you have got all the answers for how to keep your hair healthy and grow faster.